Subhashree recalls how calm Raj was after receiving KIFF chairperson offer

Raj Chakraborty’s selection as the chairperson of the ongoing 25th Kolkata International Film Festival has made his wife, actress Subhashree Ganguly, ecstatic. She still remembers the time when the call had first come on Raj’s phone.

“I was seated next to him while he was driving. He was using a bluetooth and so I could hear everything. Raj was so modest and he said: I will not be able to stay in the industry if you offer me this designation. The person on the other end said – Yes, tomorrow the number of your enemies will increase. You will have to work a little harder. The chief minister has full faith in your abilities,” the proud wife remembers. Incidentally, Raj’s work as the KIFF chairperson is being praised by ones and all. Read More….

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