‘Robibaar’: Asimabha and Sayoni is here with an emotional roller coaster ride

The teaser of Atanu Ghosh’s next ‘Robibaar’ promises to deliver a shady tale of relationship. It starts with Prosenjit Chatterjee’s angry rant in front of a mirror and then he punches it. In the next scene, we get to see Jaya Ahsan pointing out his attitude as she recalls their past, which was marred with bursting into fierce fits often. Interestingly, Ahsan seems a lot more calm and composed than Prosenjit.

In ‘Robibaar’, Prosenjit and Jaya Ahsan will be seen as an estranged couple Asimabha and Sayoni, who got separated in bitterness years ago. However, they come across each other on a Sunday (Robibaar) after a long gap. Both Asimabha and Sayoni try to delve deep into their own lives through self-assessments. While it is quite clear that Prosenjit’s character Asimabha has retained his previous traits, Sayoni has traveled a long way. Read More…

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