On her b’day today, I’m committing myself for life: Raj Chakraborty

The canary yellow door of the 36th floor flat of Raj-Subhashree exudes a sense of infectious warmth. Even when the mood outside is gloomy with a blanket of haze making it difficult to see far, the colour-coordinated canary yellow window panes and sofa cover in his spacious drawing room seem to announce that the inhabitants of the apartment are happy to beat the blues. Seated on the sofa is Raj, going through his notes before attending his first press conference as the chairperson of the 25th Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF). If one drives down the Kalyani Express highway, the physical distance between this highrise address and his native town, Halisahar, is 60 km. But what about the emotional distance? The son of a college clerk in Halisahar has indeed come a long way. The dreams of a middle-class boy from a small town have catapulted him to a gated complex. “I still have the house in Halisahar… My mentality is still the same. I am still the same old workaholic Raj, who believes in honesty,” he tries to explain, reclining on the window that overlooks the urban jungle that the city has become. Read More….

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