Joker Review: Netizens hail Joaquin Phoenix’s performance; call it ‘Oscar-worthy’

After a long wait, Joaquin Phoenix has arrived in the cinema halls and has managed to leave the audience speechless with his stunning performance in Todd Phillips ‘Joker’. While the film has been receiving mixed reviews in the west, fans in India have hailed the film as well as Phoenix’s outstanding performance.

While some have hailed Phoenix’s acting the film as ‘Oscar-worthy’ others revealed how they witnessed the entire audience giving the film a standing ovation.

Phoenix has managed to pull off a stunner as he justifies his psychopathic behaviour and nails his transition into Joker. The menacing laughter in serious situations to brutally killing his colleague in the film, Phoenix has managed to give his best performance till date while Phillips has captured all the small nuances of all the characters in the film with sheer brilliance. Read More….

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