Gujarati film music rides high on big bucks

When the team of Montu Ni Bittu travelled to Diu to shoot Rangdariyo, the makers set aside a separate budget for the song including the cost for travelling, accommodation, equipment, technicians, cast and crew etc. The makers of Chashni hired a team of artists to create a make-believe world for Tuj Re, the team of G booked an entire resort in Kutch for three days to shoot an item number and the makers of Hellaro invested heavily in performers, choreographers and folk artists to create mesmerising dance sequences for their songs. Just as Gujarati films are getting bigger, Gujarati film songs are also getting a makeover. From shooting at exotic locations, hiring Bollywood choreographers and using heavy VFX to create stunning visuals, songs are being used as an effective tool to promote a film, give the audience a sneak-peek into the film and also bring an element of glamour and grandeur. A big-budget song serves multiple purpose. Read More…

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