Dhollywood stars ditch single use plastic, adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle

The AMC has been on its feet fighting to reduce plastic waste and the civic body even banned single use plastic from May 1 onwards in Ahmedabad. And even though it can still be seen in use at various places, Dhollywood stars are leading the way by setting an example and reducing the use of plastic in their lives.

These stars feel that it is essential that they practice what they preach and since a lot of people look up to them and follow them as popular faces from the Gujarati film industry, they feel it is important for them to lead by example. Actor Tushar Sadhu says, “I have been involved in some volunteer work spreading awareness about the ill-effects of plastic. And because of this involvement I have read a lot about how plastic is impacting our environment and our health. And since there is more awareness about its hazards, I have started implementing in my daily lives. I avoid using plastic bags and keep a cloth bag with me at all times. I even carry a glass water bottle with me and avoid buying packaged water from outside. And whenever possible, I carry dabbas from home if I am going out to get food packed.” Read More…

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