Akshaye Khanna: I was lucky to not be typecast even by the audience

Akshaye Khanna on bending showbiz rules for over a decade, playing a criminal lawyer in his next and why he was forced to go on a sabbatical.

Even though he has reached a suburban studio after a two-hour drive from SoBo, Akshaye Khanna is far from exasperated. Gearing up to field questions about his second release of the year, the actor is in his element as he sits down for a chat. Excerpts from an interview:
♦ Wha

t are the first reactions to your upcoming film, Section 375? Under this section of the Indian Penal Code, a man is said to have committed rape if he has sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent or if she is a minor.

Well, just from within the family and friends circle, the strongest reactions, in a positive way, have come from women. And I find this interesting.

♦ One of the reasons could be the #MeToo movement which exploded in the country last year and has alerted women on what amounts to sexual harassment. In the promo you see the girl being asked in court why she went back after being violated by the man once. That’s an argument one has heard in many real-life cases too.
I’ve read the headlines but I haven’t followed the details of every case so I can’t comment on this. But yes, it’s something a defense lawyer would bring up, arguing that a subsequent pattern of behaviour does not substantiate the accusations. For me per se, it was an interesting case from the point of view of an actor. As a person, I’d say variations in behaviour have been known to happen.

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